Extensive Applicant Screening to Find Qualified Tenant

Finding You The Right Renter, The Right Way

We know that excellent tenant screening is an absolute essential for your property and successful management! We have implemented the following system and resources for screening and identifying the highest quality applicants.

  • When an application is placed for your property online, we receive an alert via email and quickly review the content of the application thoroughly. We review their anticipated move in date, any pets they might have and consistency their answers to the application’s questions. This first process allows us to ensure that there are no immediate “red flags” that might cause the application to not be a viable one for your property.

  • We use integrated property management software, which allows us the ability to automatically and thoroughly screen prospective renters credit, criminal and eviction history search. We also have taken our screening mobile which allows us to conduct screening on the go!

  • We make personal phone calls to check the applicant’s landlords, current and former employers. Former landlords are often willing and ready to share vital information regarding the applicant’s time renting their property. We ask about timely rental payments as well as some general characteristics such as communicated maintenance and repair needs promptly, took pride in the property’s appearance, were respectful of neighbors and other tenants, agreed to rules, regulations and responsibilities and if they were a known smoker.

  • After we have compiled all of the above information we take a detailed look at the results to decline the applicant based on our stringent tenant requirements or proceed with offering a lease.

Throughout the process we communicate with the landlord often to keep them up to date with the status of the leasing process. Start to finish the process typically takes 24 to 48 hours.

We uphold and adhere to The Federal Fair Housing Act, current laws and regulations for tenant screening.

Regardless of what tools we use to screen applicants, we know the importance of the laws and regulations regarding tenant screening. These laws can and do change constantly and we keep up with the latest in Texas’ tenant and landlord code.

We strongly believe that thorough due diligence on the front end is a must. Our goal is a successful tenancy and management experience for you.

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